Hidden Valley Funeral Homes Showcases New Website

Sean Clark

November 7, 2020
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Hidden Valley Funeral Homes is pleased to showcase their new website. After months of work and compiling the criteria, the new website is ready to go and is launching on November 7, 2020. "We are excited about this new change and hope it better serves our families and users," stated Tim Stone, General Manager of Hidden Valley Funeral Homes.

"This website is faster and more convenient for our online users. We trust it will better support those families that choose to use our funeral homes".

- Darla Staton


As technology has changed, Hidden Valley Funeral Homes has tried to make stratgic changes to keep up with the ever changing demographics of those we assist. Offering different options for those who are a little more technologically savvy, while maintaining a friendly, family centered service has been a challenge at times.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions brought to light some different ways we can position ourselves to be of greater assistance to families in need. From assisting families who cannot travel to make the arrangements and other improvements, the new website features online, Preneed Arrangements and At Need Arrangement forms, our obituaries offer options to buy flowers for specific services, and other resources previously not available on our old site.

In addition, this new site features The Urn Store, where families who opt for cremation can select from a large variety of urns.

In addition to the new website, our domain name has changed, as we have added multiple locations since opening in 2011. What started as a local, Kearney funeral home has expanded to Lawson, Excelsior Springs, and Richmond, Missouri. Watch this website for further updates on a new location. The new URL for the website is https://hiddenvalleyfunerals.com

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